Important Points to Remember When Foraging With Kids

Foraging involves finding natural things growing in your area which can be eaten or used for other purposes. These are common things such as mushrooms and plants, and it’s super exciting to know that there are these items growing freely for people to use. This is an amazing activity to get kids involved with and is a wonderful way to spend time together outdoors. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when carrying out this activity. 

Make Sure They Show You Before Touching Anything

The excitement of foraging is incredible and kids will be able to tap into that awe and wonder of the ability of the natural world to create such amazing things. Because of this, they may well be tempted to grab things that look cool to them or even things that look similar to items you may have already gathered. It may be that they’ve spotted a great find that you can gladly collect, but there is a lot out there that is potentially dangerous. Go over some ground rules with them until they clearly understand, including waiting for you to check anything they spot. 

Always Explain Things Carefully

If they start foraging from a young age, this is a fantastic skill they can carry with them for life. However, this will only work if they fully understand everything. For example, explain carefully how to identify each item you collect and how best to pick and store it.