Important Conversations to Have With Your Teen Before They Go to University

If you’re at the point in your family life that your teenager is preparing to start university, then no doubt you will all be feeling very excited and nervous. There will be plenty of things to prepare in terms of practicalities with their course and their accommodation. As well as this, there are topics of conversation that you should be having with them before they head off into the world.

Boring, Yet Practical Things

So many children and teenagers grow up with no concept of how things like rent, bills, bank accounts, and other practical concepts work. This is fair enough, but they do need to gain some knowledge on this before having to deal with it themselves. Just sit down and have some simple chats about these topics, using your own examples if it’s helpful. 

The Realities of University Life

While university is an exciting time in life, there are some unfavorable sides to it. Whether it’s difficult relationships with friends and partners or the dark side of partying, there are lots of potentially difficult situations that may arise. You may not want to think about this side of things, but it’s really important to acknowledge it and talk about it. This way they’ll feel able to talk to you about anything.