Ideas to Help Keep the Kids’ Stuff Organized

Having children can often mean that your home space is in constant chaos. Whether it’s a messy day outside that’s led to mud all over the carpet, or just a lively dinner occasion, it often seems that the mess and clutter will never end. However, trying to introduce some new systems to manage all the stuff will help you all stay sane.

Have a Toy Box

This is a simple way to keep on top of all the chaos that inevitably occurs after playtime. Encourage your kids to get in the habit of putting their toys away each time, and you’ll soon see how easy it is to stay tidy when there’s a good system.

Have a Rota

For any miscellaneous mess that seems to magically occur, try sharing the responsibility between everyone involved. This is a fair way to manage the messy items, and also an efficient way to stay on top of it all. 

Offer an Incentive

This is a simple but effective way to encourage kids to do chores. Simply offer a small reward to whoever helps keep things clean and tidy, for example, offer 20 minutes of extra playtime tomorrow if they can tidy their belongings away before dinner time.