Ideas for the Perfect Family Hike

Hiking is a very popular activity for many people. It’s great exercise and is a lovely way to embrace nature. It’s also an activity that can be enjoyed solo or in a group. If you’re hoping to get into hiking as a family activity then here are some ideas to get the most out of it for the whole family. 

Check Your Route Beforehand

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway around a hike and finding the route becomes unsuitable for whatever reason. With children this is more likely, so it’s super important to make sure the route will be manageable for them the whole way.

Bring a Picnic

Walking makes you hungrier than you’d expect, so make sure you’re well prepared with some decent food and snacks, not to mention water. It’s also a lovely part of the hiking experience, stopping off to sit and rest in the beautiful outdoors.

Play Some Games

Adding an interactive aspect to the hike will be fun for you all and help your kids develop a close relationship with the natural world. For example, you could see who spots the most birds, or count how many mushrooms or other plants you spot.