Ideas for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower Celebration

Learning that your loved one is expecting a baby is an exciting and precious moment in life. Naturally, you’ll want to help to throw a baby shower that aptly commemorates this special occasion. Here are some baby shower ideas that are sure to make this celebration one to remember.

Photo Balloons

To create a heartfelt atmosphere, consider hanging up some old pictures of the parents of the expected baby to create some nostalgia. One idea is to hang the photos on ribbons attached to balloons, thereby creating a festive feel.

Dirty Jokes

While changing diapers is seldom fun, you and the other party guests can change that. Give everyone at the party a diaper and a colourful marker and get them to write a joke on each diaper so that the new parents can share a laugh when changing time comes around.

Colorful Cake Pops

Because the mother-to-be is “ready to pop” why not be poetic and thrill her along with the rest of the baby shower guests with some scrumptious cake pops? Unlike a regular cake that you have to cut, cake pops are far easier to share – all you have to do is place a toothpick or chopstick in each cake pop so guests can pick them up and eat them on the go.