Ideas for Nature-Inspired Baby Names

Coming up with a name for your baby can be a challenge. For some people, they may have known for years what they’d like to name their children, but for many others, it’s a difficult choice. It can help to have a general theme that inspires you, and a recurring one that has lovely connotations is nature-inspired names. Here are some ideas to get you started. 


This beautiful plant is common all around the world and many associate with it adding even more beauty to ancient trees and old buildings. As a name, it’s very pretty and simple and gives a sense of freshness and vibrancy. 


This name takes a name for a tree and adds some slight flair. Oak trees are well-known by most for being strong and beautiful. They are known to provide excellent habitats for all kinds of other plant and animal life. 


This fresh plant livens up any space it’s in and brings a lovely color and texture to its environment. It makes for a lovely name which is calming and sweet.


This sweet little bird is iconic and a lovely choice for a namesake. They are friendly and inquisitive and are commonly seen around gardens flitting around.