Ideas for Interactive Nature Walks With Your Kids

If you’re a family that enjoys walking and hiking, then this may well be something you do frequently at the weekends. It’s a lovely way to spend the day, being outside and enjoying the views while getting some gentle exercise. It’s a great way to connect with nature, and it can be nice to focus on this aspect while walking. Here are some ideas for an interactive walk that will help you all notice and appreciate the wonderful natural world around you. 

Make Some Bingo Charts

Think about the kinds of trees, plants, and animals you can spot around your area and on the walk you plan to do. You could do a kind of checklist for spotting these, but it can be more fun to lay it out like a bingo game, with each person having a chart with items to spot that they can tick off. Whoever gets all of theirs first wins the bingo game. 

Bring a Collection Bag or Box

You could print out some pictures of things like leaves, feathers, rocks, and other commonly found items. Then try to find ones that match the photos to gather up and study in more detail. It can be super fun to also bring a magnifying glass to be able to see all the intricate details close up.