Ideas for Fun Christmas Activities With Kids

For the kids, the Christmas holidays are one of the best times of the year. For you, however, you may be struggling with the thought of keeping them entertained, especially if it’s cold outside. Finding some fun indoor activities is the ideal solution, and here are some ideas for Christmas activities that will keep them busy and get you all in the festive mood. 

Paper Snowflakes

This is such a simple concept, but is so much fun and produces some lovely winter decorations. Simply take a piece of white A4 paper and cut a bit off to make it a square. Then fold this in half and then half again. Cut the outer corner off in a curve, so you’re left with a triangle with a curved edge. Then cut sections out of this shape in patterns. Unfold the paper to reveal a pretty snowflake shape that can be hung up in your home. 

Making Cards

Give them some art materials and some cards and let their imaginations run wild. You can give them a theme if you like, such as snowmen or the nativity scene. Not only is this loads of fun for them, but these cards will be perfect to send to people. Who doesn’t love kids’ drawings on cards?