Ideas for Engaging With Your Garden Wildlife

There is so much exciting wildlife in the world. Each continent is full of fascinating creatures and plants which are a source of joy for so many people. While many of the biggest and most impressive animals are found in the wilderness, there is also plenty of fascinating wildlife that lives near people’s homes. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then there are likely to be some intriguing creatures dwelling within it to discover. This is an amazing activity to get the kids involved with and can inspire a love and respect for nature. Here are some ideas for how to engage with this wildlife. 

Put a Birdfeeder Up

There are so many stunning species of birds that visit people’s gardens, and putting a birdfeeder in your outdoor space is a great idea. This offers the birds some much appreciated sustenance which can be hard to come by, especially in winter. It also allows you and your kids to get a good look at the birds that pop by to have some food. 

Collect Some Insects

Most parts of the world have an abundance of insects and within your garden, there’s likely to be some fun creatures that your kids will love to study up close. You can make a home for them to temporarily reside in by using a shoebox and lining it with grass or rocks. It’s a good idea to research what your local insects like to ensure their box is set up well for them and take care when gathering them.