Ideas for a Fantastic Family Film Night

At the end of a long and busy week, it’s lovely to look forward to a relaxing film night with the family. Here are three ideas to make the best night of the week even better!

Make Snacks Together

Everyone knows that the best bit about film night is the snacks you get to munch on while enjoying the movie. Make these extra delicious by working together to make them before the film starts. Try a simple cheeseboard, crunchy veg sticks with a simple dip, popcorn, or chocolate-dipped fruit. The food will taste better, knowing it’s a team effort and that everyone pitched in.

Have an Interval

The popularity of this suggestion will depend on how you like to watch your films. Some people won’t consider anything other than the cinema experience, watching the whole film right the way through in one sitting. However, if you have younger kids an interval might be a good way to fit in any toilet breaks, check if anyone needs a snack top-up, or even get moving so that no one gets too stiff sitting down.

Be Film Critics

Give your kids “film critic” templates (with a star rating to color in, the title of the film, and some stills from the movie). If your little ones struggle to sit still and concentrate, ask them to (quietly) fill in their review as the movie unfolds. At the end, they can share it and this will open up a discussion as a family, as everyone shares their views.