Husband Makes Outrageous Meal to Satisfy Her Pregnant Wife’s Food Cravings

If you are feeling a bit uneasy about your unusual food cravings during pregnancy, don’t. That is completely normal, and there are no rules about which food combinations you should and shouldn’t eat. A recent viral video posted on TikTok by Meg Jackson is a great example.

The video shows Meg’s husband Glen sharing his pregnant wife’s “craving” and “yuck” list that she put on the fridge. The “craving” list has peanut butter, spaghetti, raspberry jam, onions, and chicken strips. The “yuck” list has bread, mushrooms, and “any pop.”

Glen then decides to make a dish that would check most of the boxes on Meg’s “craving” list. He cooks a batch of spaghetti and then uses peanut butter and raspberry jam as a sauce.

When Meg returns home, she founds the dish waiting for her and can’t believe it. As soon as she takes a bite, it becomes obvious that Glen’s outrageous meal is a full success.

The video quickly went viral and got more than four million views on social media while attracting thousands of comments.

“As an Italian, you get the award for taking care of your pregnant wife at all costs,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“When she looked like she was gonna cry, I thought I was gonna cry along with her!! I wish every pregnant person had a partner like you,” another added.