How Your Baby Can Build Immunity Antibodies

When your baby explores the world around them and gets into all kinds of shenanigans, it’s common for them to get pretty dirty. Not only that but since they love putting stuff in their mouth, you’ll find that they’ll try to eat things that are absolutely gross, from a pair of shoes to your dog’s chew toy to the floor itself. These are extreme examples, and there’s obviously no question that it’s important to protect our babies from these things—but is there also a benefit to them getting exposed to these things?

Building Antibodies

It’s almost a quirky cliche at this point, but you really can build antibodies by being exposed to unsanitary things. Obviously, we’re not recommending that you should put your baby in harm’s way. The last thing you want is for them to get sick. However, there’s another side to the coin that’s equally detrimental.

Embrace the Dirt

It’s so common nowadays for helicopter parents to overprotect their children from grime and dirt, believing that Purell needs to be rubbed all over every little thing their baby touches. It’s good to feel protective, but you also want your child to grow up with a strong immune system. If you make it a habit of protecting them from every little thing, they may find themselves actually having a harder time coping with those things when they’re older.