How to Teach Your Kid About Knife Safety Skills

Although you may not like the idea of your kid using a knife, it’s best to ensure that they understand the basics of knife safety from you, before they pick up a blade without understanding how to use it. Take some time to teach them these essentials of knife safety, and you will be helping to protect them and prepare them for later life.

Don’t Run With a Blade

This is an essential one to instill in your kid from a young age—whether it’s a knife, scissors, or any sharp implement, make it clear that they must never run with it. Once they have this awareness, they will know that knives can be dangerous and will be more receptive to later lessons about knife safety.

Blunt Blades are Dangerous

Demonstrate how to use a knife with your child in the kitchen, by cutting onions or carrots. Show them the safe technique, and don’t let them try until you know they’ve watched and taken on board all of your advice. Remind them that whilst sharp knives need to be treated with care, blunt blades can also cause damage as they can slip more easily.

Don’t Leave Blades Out

Remind your child of the importance of putting the knife or blade away once they have used it, and show your child how to clean and care for the blade. Teaching your child about knife skills is about helping your child learn to respect knives and take them seriously so that there is no risk of your kid thinking knives are something that are fun to play with.