How to Teach Your Baby to Swim

Teaching your baby to swim can be a fantastic experience for you and your baby that fosters water confidence and safety. Here are three great tips to help you introduce your baby to swimming.

Start Early and Gradually

Begin introducing your baby to water in their first year of life, ideally between six and 12 months. During this time, babies are generally more receptive to new experiences, and their natural affinity for water is still strong. Start with gentle water play in a shallow, warm pool, allowing your baby to become comfortable with the sensation of water on their skin. Gradually progress to activities like gentle splashing and pouring water over their body.

Build Trust and Stay Positive

Building trust is crucial when teaching your baby to swim. Hold your baby securely in the water, maintaining eye contact and offering reassuring words. Keep the experience positive and enjoyable by incorporating games, songs, and gentle movements. Gradually introduce basic floating and kicking exercises, always ensuring your baby feels secure and supported. Your positive attitude and encouragement play a significant role in making the swimming experience enjoyable for your baby!

Use Proper Swim Gear

Invest in appropriate swim gear for your baby, such as a snug-fitting swim diaper and a comfortable, secure-fitting swimsuit. Consider using a baby-sized floatation device designed for their age and size to provide extra support while maintaining mobility. Always stay within arm’s reach of your baby in the water, ensuring constant supervision and a safe environment.