How to Talk to Your Children About Strangers

Everyone knows that one of the most important things to teach your child when they’re young is to not talk to strangers. In fact, this is such an important lesson that kids are naturally inclined to it before you even teach it to them. Indeed, babies often go through a “stranger danger” phase, where they get anxious if they’re held by someone they’re not familiar with. However, this is something they may grow out of, and therefore it’s imperative to talk to them about strangers—and here’s how.

True Discipline

Many parents in this day and age are afraid to teach their children about discipline, believing that they’ll be seen as bad parents if they do. However, your kids learning about proper discipline is so incredibly crucial for so many reasons—especially their own safety. If you raise your kids with proper structure and discipline, they’ll take you seriously when you say that they should never go with a stranger under any circumstances.

Of course, you don’t want to over-discipline them with tyrannical rules. You want to teach your children to love their fellow human being, but with proper boundaries. You must explain to them which people are okay to trust, and which ones are not. Make them feel loved and appreciated so that they never feel the need to “follow” some stranger who they don’t know. Stay vigilant at all times, and never let them out of your sight in crowded areas.