How to Support Your Twins to Develop Their Identities

When you have twins, it can be easy for people to pair them up and assume that they will always do things as a two. However, even if your twins have a super special bond, they still need to develop their own likes, dislikes, and sense of identity. As a parent, you can help them both to do this in several different ways.

Spend Some One-on-One Time

Your twins may be used to spending most of their time together, but make sure that each of them gets to spend some one-on-one time with you, ideally at least once a week. This will remind them that you see them as individuals rather than just “the twins”, and by talking with you away from their sibling they will start to develop their own sense of what they enjoy doing, and how they think about things.

Encourage Different Friendships

Make sure your twins meet and interact with a wide range of peers, and try to encourage them to hang out with different people every now and again. It’s important that they understand how to make friends without their twin standing beside them, and by developing new friendships this will also help to develop their sense of identity.

Support Separate Interests

Although it may be time-consuming and difficult, do your best to ensure that both of your twins have opportunities to pursue their own interests. This may mean getting up early on a Saturday to take one to swimming practice and staying out late on a Thursday to take the other home from chess club, but making sure they have some different interests will help them to develop their own identities.