How to Stay Friendly With the Neighbors

Some of us have great relationships with our neighbors, viewing them more like friends and inviting them over for dinner every other week. For others, neighbors are people we wave at if we pass them in the street and occasionally talk to about rubbish collection and the weather. If you feel like you want to improve the relationship you have with your neighbors, check out these key tips which will make a real difference.


All too often, when we feel that someone is attacking us, we go on the defensive. If your neighbor has come around to talk about your kid’s football landing in their flowerbed again, don’t start with a list of defenses. Listen to them, and show them that you’re listening. Even if you need to respectfully disagree with some of their points, by making a point of listening they will know that you care about maintaining a good relationship and will make more effort themselves.

Warn Them of Any Noise

If you’re hosting a kid’s pool party, let your neighbors know in advance. Some people may decide that the noise will bother them so much, they’ll go out for the day. By giving them advance warning, your neighbors can prepare. Make sure noise is kept within reasonable standards, but also make sure that you know your rights – if your neighbor tries to tell you that a party is not permitted, gently point out the rules and regulations.

Gestures Count

It’s the little things that count. Make sure that nothing growing in your garden is infringing on their space, don’t take your rubbish out days early to molder in the street, ask guests to park considerately, and let neighbors know of any plans that will create noise. By acting in this way, you will be demonstrating that you want to be a good neighbor, and if you do happen to irritate someone in the street, it is likely that they will be more forgiving and accepting.