How to Stay Calm As a Parent When It Matters Most

There will be countless moments as a parent where you’ll be tested to the brink. The thing about becoming a parent is that it doesn’t come with a rulebook, and thus we don’t always know what we’re doing along the way. This can get emotionally taxing when our kids drive us up the wall—but here are some tips that’ll help you stay calm and relaxed when this is going on.

Take a Breather

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to just take a step back. When your head is all riled up, it can be hard to think straight. You may be feeling exhausted from your job, or stressed about other things, and therefore it doesn’t pay to handle whatever parenting hurdle you’re dealing with while you’re in that headspace. So take a breather, and come back when you’re feeling centered.


On that note, one great way to spend your time while taking that breather is to meditate. Practice mindfulness by finding a calm and secluded place, closing your eyes, and working on your breathing.

Do Something You Love

But let’s be real. While meditation is great and all, sometimes the best type of “meditation” is to simply unwind doing something we love. Whether it’s playing basketball, jamming out on your guitar, or simply going out for a drink, this can help reset your mind in a positive way and allow you to reflect on things.