How to Respond When Your Teenager Starts a Relationship

Having a teenage relationship can be so exciting, but for the parents may be a cause for concern. If this is the first time your teenager is entering the world of love, then here are some key points to remember. 

Be Happy for Them

This is an exciting time and you should embrace the joy that they are feeling. Be respectful—don’t overcrowd them and let them know that your support is there without being overbearing. Think back to your first big crush and how much fun it all is.

Set Some Boundaries

While you want to be respectful, it’s inevitable that you’ll also want to have some clear boundaries. Discuss this with your teen in an adult way so they feel part of the conversation, rather than having rules imposed on them. If you can be calm and relaxed about this then they’ll be better able to see it from your perspective.

Let Them Know They Can Talk to You About Anything

As exciting as it all is, there is undeniably a lot that can go wrong. Whether it’s a broken heart or a health and wellbeing concern, let your teenager know that they can come to you about absolutely anything.