How to Respond if Your Teen Starts Wearing Loads of Makeup

If you’re the parent of a teen who has suddenly started wearing a lot of makeup, this can be quite jarring. Seeing your child growing up and adopting adult-like behaviors is hard. But this can be a sensitive issue for people, so you should approach it with some awareness of this.

Be Understanding

It’s so hard being a teenager, and feeling self-conscious about one’s looks is an inevitable part of it all. For some, wearing makeup helps with confidence, so try to see it from this perspective. Commenting loads on it will most likely add to the concerns, so try to avoid making tactless statements. If you continue to be supportive and open, they will feel able to talk to you if they want to share their thoughts. 

Be Supportive

While self-consciousness may play a huge role for teenagers, there is a huge side to wearing makeup that has nothing to do with this. It’s an incredible way to express creativity and personality and can be loads of fun. You can get involved by exploring the artistic, creative side of makeup with them in the form of magazines and social media. Maybe consider buying something like a fun nail art kit as a gift to show your support.