How to Respond if Your Child Suddenly Becomes Vegetarian

If you’re a family of lifelong meat-eaters, a child suddenly declaring they are vegetarian may come as a real shock. However, don’t panic. You can support them with this and enjoy the new experience. Here are some useful points to remember to help this transition run as smoothly as possible.

Be Respectful

This is a choice they’ve made for themselves, and you should be respectful. There are so many worthy reasons to become vegetarian, and you should encourage an open discussion about these to better understand your child’s perspective and wishes. 

Use it as an Opportunity

It’s a lot to ask for you to cook extra meals. Use this as a chance to broaden the family’s meal choices to include some exciting veggie options. But also use it as an opportunity to get your child more involved in cooking.

Help Them Learn More

While their reasoning will likely be very valid, chances are there will be lots they’re unsure about. Use it as a learning opportunity for you both, to educate yourselves more about vegetarian diets. For example, knowing which veggie foods contain certain vitamins and minerals.