How to Respond if Your Child Starts Swearing

Swear words have different meanings to people and cause different levels of offense. To some, they may just be words, but to others, they cause great upset. Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, it’s never ideal for your child to start using these words. Wherever they may have picked them up, here is some advice for dealing with this issue.

Try to Gently Help Them Understand the Significance

Work out a way to explain to them that many people would feel upset to hear those words. Children may not understand this concept at first, but if you can help them realize that avoiding these words will make sure they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings then they should be very receptive to this concept. 

If You Can, Try to Find Out Where They Heard Them

Of course, everyone is human, so the chances are they just overheard someone who wouldn’t have intended a young child to hear them. It could even be yourselves or another family member. But there could be other sources such as TV shows or friends at school. If you are aware of the source it can make it easier to reduce their exposure to this in the future.