How to React When Your Teen Wants a Piercing

Body piercings are one of the most popular forms of self-expression among teens. However, a lot of parents are not exactly thrilled when their teenager tells them they want to get one. This can lead to some impulsive reactions that could potentially damage the relationship between a parent and a teenager.

In order to avoid tense situations, here is how to properly react when your teen tells you they want to get a body piercing.

Don’t Instantly Shut Down the Idea

The worst thing you can do is to instantly shut down the idea of your teen getting a body piercing or explicitly forbid them to do so. Doing this could make your teenager angry and potentially prompt them to get one without your permission.

Ask Them Why They Want to Get One

You should ask your teenager why they want to get a body piercing. This will help you better understand their motivation, and they may have some strong reasons for changing your view on this form of self-expression. Also, you will be able to tell if it’s a rushed decision or something they are really passionate about.

Explain to Them the Downsides of Getting a Body Piercing

You should explain the potential downsides of having a body piercing, especially one in a visible place. They should know all about the risk of infection and that they might be perceived differently by some people.

Try to Make a Compromise

If your teenager is really determined to get a body piercing, you should try to make some sort of a compromise. This can include wearing a “clip-on” piercing for the time being or doing it on a different body part that you deem more appropriate.