How to Prepare Kids for Their First Camping Trip

Ready to trade screen time for green time? If you’re thinking about taking your kids on their first camping trip, you’re about to embark on what could be the best family adventure yet. But, as any seasoned camper will tell you, a happy camper is a prepared camper. Here are a few tips on prepping your kids for the great outdoors.

Practice Camping at Home

Familiarize your children with camping by having a trial run. Set up the tent together, unroll the sleeping bags, and spend a night under the stars (or your living room ceiling). This “practice” campout will help them adjust to sleeping in a tent and understand what to expect.

Teach Basic Camping Skills

Teach your children basic camping skills in a fun and engaging way. Show them how to set up a tent, start a campfire safely (if permitted), and cook simple meals outdoors. You can also teach them how to use a compass, read a map, and identify different plants and animals.

Establish Safety Rules

Lastly, safety is key when camping, especially with children. Establish clear safety rules, such as staying within the campsite, not wandering off alone, and what to do if they get lost.