How to Organize a Great Kids’ Party

When you’re in charge of organizing your kid’s birthday party, the pressure can be intense. Although there is lots to think about, with careful planning and consideration, everyone can enjoy your kid’s special day. Read on for three key tips on how to ensure this big day goes smoothly.

Get Your Kid to Write a List

Before the party, reinforce that not all of your kid’s desires will definitely be granted. Time, financial, and practical restrictions mean that it’s not always possible to make all dreams come true – but this doesn’t mean that some can’t happen! Read your kid’s list of their five priorities for their birthday, and try to make three of them happen.

Be Prepared

Start planning two months (or more) in advance. Children’s entertainers and caterers can quickly get booked up, and you don’t want to be rushing around desperately trying to find replacements with one week to go. Get everything booked in advance, so that in the run-up to the party you can focus on the smaller things.

Agree the Guestlist

Set a limit of invitees with your kid, and agree on whether or not adults will be attending. If the parents of the kids are coming, this may make certain activities easier to plan and deliver. However, you will need to provide food (and drinks) for the adults in attendance, and possibly some form of entertainment (even if it’s just a few board games). Whether it’s kids only or adults too, it may be worth hosting the party in a rented venue, rather than your house. As long as the building is insured to host parties, this means any damages should be covered – it also means that you can end the party and cite the reservation as the reason for kicking everybody out!