How to Navigate Sibling Brawls

No matter what age they are, siblings will always clash. Whether this is simple disagreements or full-on fights, it can be hard to know how to manage these tensions. Here are some important things to remember when dealing with these sensitive moments. 

Try to Understand the Root of the Issue

This may be very difficult, especially with younger children. But this is usually the best way to try to resolve things. From your adult perspective, there may be a really obvious solution. Even if this isn’t the case, trying to discuss the initial cause of the fight will help each of them feel listened to and will help calm the situation. 

Approach it as Fairly as Possible 

Even if it does seem that one of them is more in the wrong than the others, you shouldn’t take sides or single anyone out. You can talk to them calmly, and try to guide and encourage them to come to their own conclusions about who needs to apologize. Helping them to work this out themselves without just telling them off will help them understand their own actions better, and gradually this will mean their fights are less frequent and less intense.