How to Manage Your Kid’s Online Gaming

Playing games online is now a key part of growing up, but parents understandably worry about the health implications of this. If you’d like to manage your kid’s online gaming, check out these tips to help you do this.

Set Parenting Controls

Make sure that your child’s device has parenting controls turned on, which allow you to limit the time they can spend on the device, as well as the websites they can access.

Talk to Your Kid

Be very clear with your child that while the internet can be fun, it can also be a source of danger. Warn them about things to look out for, such as strangers asking for personal details, and reinforce to them that if anything does go wrong online, they can talk to you and that you will help them without getting mad.

Know What They’re Playing

Check out the games your kid plays online yourself, so that you understand the terms they are using and how the games work. If you don’t like the content or the ways in which players online interact, find alternative games that feel safer and encourage your child towards these.