How to Manage Your Kid’s Christmas Anticipation

For many children, Christmas is a wonderful, exciting time of year. While most parents love seeing their children so excited, sometimes this positive feeling can spill over into an intensity that can have negative effects on the child and the wider family. If your child starts struggling to sleep due to Christmas fever or is becoming rude and demanding as the big day approaches, here are some tips on how to manage this behavior.

Ease Off the Festivities

It may be a good idea to dial down some of the Christmas excitement. You could make sure people in your household are mentioning it less, or responding neutrally when your child brings it up. Whilst you don’t want to become a Grinch, limiting some Christmas activities may help your child regain a happy level of excitement about the festive season. 

Talk to Them

Sometimes, extreme emotions around an event like Christmas are hiding other things beneath the surface. Perhaps your child is thrilled about Christmas because they’re having a hard time at school and the holiday represents a break from it, or maybe they’re feeling uncertain about a family dynamic and want to spend as much time as possible with family members. Ask them about how they’re feeling generally, and see if they give you any clues about friendship stresses or family worries.

Emphasize Other Events

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it can help to take some of the pressure off of Christmas, by reminding your child about other celebrations and events. Remind them about Easter, their birthday, something you’ve got planned for summer—anything that will help them to remember that although Christmas is amazing, there are other exciting, joyful times of year.