How To Manage Life With a Big Family

While having plenty of children can fill your home with love and laughter, it does lead to some complications. After all, chasing after everyone to make sure they do their chores and solving arguments can prove challenging. Here are some tips to help you manage life with a big family.

Assign Everyone a Color

If ever your kids argue about which cup or plate belongs to whom, make things easier by assigning everyone a color. Once they receive their colors, then make sure to color-code items around the house so that everybody knows what belongs to who.

Label Clothes

The more kids you have, the more complicated laundry time gets. In order to make it far easier to sort everybody’s clothes, write your kids’ names on their clothes to avoid confusion and, potentially, some loud arguments.

Draw Up Schedules

Errands are an important part of teaching children responsibility. Still, keeping track of which kids are responsible for which tasks can be challenging. Make life easier for yourself and them by drawing up a schedule with each child’s name and listing their responsibilities as well as times when they need to perform them.