How to Make Sure Your Kids Have a Good Relationship With Their Grandparents

For many of us, the relationship we have with our grandparents is one of the most important and formative during childhood and teenage years. Grandparents are there to spoil us when our parents say no, to listen to friendship dramas when other family members might get bored, and to offer unconditional love, care, and wisdom. If you want to make sure your children have this kind of relationship with their grandparents, check out these simple tips on how to help that happen.

Keep in Contact

While online contact can never replace face-to-face bonding, if you live far away from one or both sets of grandparents, schedule in video calls on a weekly basis. Your children need to see that their grandparents are fully present in their lives and invested in everything that’s going on. Maintaining contact through video calls will also make real-life meetings easier and more relaxed.

Find Connections

If your father loves baseball, see if your kids are also interested in playing or watching the game. Or if your mother-in-law loves baking, ask her to teach your kids a few tricks next time she comes to stay. Whilst grandparents will always love their grandchildren, finding strong connections and things that two separate generations can bond over is really important and can make the relationships feel more meaningful and special to your kids.

Arrange Stays

Once your children are old enough, arrange for them to travel to visit their grandparents and stay over. A fantastic time to do this can be during the summer, as often you and your partner still need to work. If your parents or parents-in-law are retired, ask them to take care of the kids for a week or two. Not only will this help bonding, it will get your kids used to being away from you, but in a space that is still familiar and comforting.