How to Introduce Your Baby to Solid Food

Once your baby is a few months old and those first few teeth are coming in, then you may feel that it’s time to give them the chance to adjust to solid foods. Still, you might be unsure of when or how to do so. Here’s your guide to introducing your baby to solid food.

Signs it Might be Time to Try Solids

Given that your baby can’t yet speak, you may be unsure as to whether he or she is ready to try solid food. There are some signs that could help you determine that they are ready, however. If they can sit up and hold up their heads, curious about their environments, and even open their mouths as they see you taking a bite of food, then it might be time to let them try some solids. Another sign could be that your baby still seems hungry after their regular intake of milk.

Introducing Your Baby to Solids

While breastfeeding and other milk should continue until your baby is one year of age, solids can be introduced when your baby appears ready. Still, it’s important to note that introducing solids is done to gradually accustom them to regular food rather than actually providing nutritional benefits. If your baby is up to six months of age, give two to four teaspoons of solids. Between seven months and a year, allow your baby to eat a portion of solids that is approximately the size of their feet as this is a good indicator.