How to Introduce Daily Mindfulness Within Your Family

It can be easy to lose track of mindful practices in the hecticness of daily family life. Mindfulness, which tries to engage people in the present moment, has loads of benefits for adults and children alike. Here are three ways you can introduce mindful practices within your family.

Mindfulness at Dinnertime

Dinner time is a great time to practice mindfulness as everyone in the family can get involved. If you like, you can practice encouraging your family to be grateful for the food before they start eating. This doesn’t have to be as formal as saying grace, but developing an appreciation for the person who has cooked or the food itself is a great thing for your children to pick up, and will help them enjoy their food more as well as develop as people.

Limiting Screen Time

Being mindful is about appreciating the present moment, something that mobile phones or video games can interfere with. If you encourage your family to have consistent breaks from their screens, they will be more appreciative of their time without their screens, as well as when they are able to use their phones.

Nature Walks

Going for walks in the natural world is a fantastic way to practice mindfulness. If you are able to, you could help others in your family to identify different plants or animals. This can encourage your family to take joy in the simple things in life. If you are not that familiar with plant life and animal life, you can spend some time with your family learning about local wildlife. There are also apps you can get which can help you identify wildlife.