How to Instill Good Eating Habits in Your Toddler

When raising your kids, it’s important to instill good habits in them from an early age in order to guide their future behavior. This is no different when it comes to eating healthy. Here are some ways to help you instill good eating habits in your toddler so that they take care of themselves when they grow up.

Lead by Example

If you want your children to believe you when you speak, it’s important to actually practice what you preach. Make sure to follow the rules you lay out for yourself such as eating the correct kinds of food and limiting the unhealthy snacks you eat.

Reduce the Pressure

Oftentimes, your kids may become more rebellious if you decide to put too much pressure on them to follow your rules. Rather, guide your kids from afar and let them make their own decisions from time to time and you may just be surprised at how much better they respond to your guidance.

Don’t Use Food as a Reward

Sometimes, when thinking of ways to reward our children for good behavior, we may be tempted to give them a tasty snack as a prize. Unfortunately, doing this in excess can convince them that eating junk food is associated with good behavior, thereby enforcing a belief that such food is actually good. Also, if you get your kids excited to eat dessert on the condition they finish their meal, this can make them lose focus on what’s really important to eat, namely the nutritious food.