How to Help Your Teen Deal With Acne

Acne can be devastating at any age, but for teenagers, it can be particularly difficult. Just as they are starting to take notice of their appearance, spots and pimples appear, denting your teen’s self-esteem and happiness. If your child is starting to develop teenage acne, you might notice that it’s affecting their mood and confidence. Check out these key tips on how to guide them through this stage with their self-esteem intact.

Help Them Find Solutions

It may be worth making a trip to a dermatologist, as expert advice can ensure that effective treatment happens as fast as possible. If your teen’s acne is mild, help them purchase a good cleanser, moisturizer, and spot treatment. Make sure you remind them that acne is a perfectly normal part of growing up and that spots and pimples won’t stop them from expressing themselves through their own style.

Encourage Healthy Habits

It’s important to be clear with your teen that most of the time, acne is not related to lifestyle or habits. Some teens eat chocolate all day don’t bother with a skincare regime and have perfectly clear skin, while others are impacted by severe acne despite following all of the advice. However, even if acne isn’t related to diet or exercise, it can be a good idea to encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This can mitigate the impacts of acne on their self-esteem, as they will see the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise and focusing on well-being.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Again, while there are no clear links between a poor diet and teenage acne, getting into a habit of eating healthily is a good idea for most teens. This will help improve their energy levels, and alleviate low mood, and eating better can help them feel better about themselves. This is especially important if their self-esteem is being impacted by their acne.