How to Help Your Sick Baby Through the Night

One of the hardest things to go through as a parent is when our children get sick. Even if it’s as something as a common cold, it can feel nothing short of heartbreaking when we hear our kids letting out a nasty cough, seeing their runny nose, or crying hysterically because they’re having trouble sleeping. If this seems familiar to you, here are some tips to help your sick baby through the night the next time it happens.

Make Exceptions

We often set rules in place for our little ones, even when they’re babies. For instance, we don’t let them sleep in our beds, because we don’t want them to get too used to it. However, when they’re sick and can’t sleep at night as a result, it makes time to make a few exceptions. Perhaps you let them sleep in your bed just to keep them relaxed. Or perhaps you let them play with a toy they love, even if it’s not really time for playing with toys.


Make sure you’ve gone to your local pharmacy and purchased baby medicine that may apply to whichever sickness they have. Consult a pediatrician if you’re unsure which over-the-counter medicine is right for them. Giving them medicine in the middle of the night might help them through this rough time.