How to Help Your Kids Wind Down for Bed

It can be hard to get your kids feeling ready for bed. There’s the inevitable desire to rebel combined with the fear of missing out which means they often don’t want to get an early night. Here are some ideas to help them wind down and get in the mood for sleep. 

Reduce Screen Time

The effect of “blue light” on sleep is well documented. Kids can be so engrossed in their screen activity that they’ll continue until moments before bed. Try introducing a cut-off time for screens of an hour before bed. 

Be Aware of Lighting

Similar to screen time, having bright overhead lights on can trick our brains into thinking it’s daytime. As the evening winds down, make sure lamps are used in order to remind our brains it’s nearly bedtime.

Have Storytime

This might seem like something for younger kids only, but being read to is a great way to relax the mind. If your kids or teenagers feel too old for a bedtime story, try disguising it as just normal conversation. Telling them a tale from your childhood will help them to slowly wind down and feel sleepy.