How to Help Your Kids Learn to Love the Outdoors

For many children, the outdoors can be a daunting place. While some families are used to camping and enjoying outdoor adventures, others in congested cities get little exposure to nature in its pure form. If your kids are not yet used to the outdoors, then here are some tips to help them learn to love nature.


The first step to help your children overcome their anxiety is by taking them outdoors yourself. By getting them out of their comfort zone you can begin the process of getting them acquainted with nature. Activities such as a stroll in the park or bird watching are some easy ways to help them dip their toes in the water.

Overcome Limitations

While some children might be overwhelmed by all that nature has to offer, others might experience a specific fear. For example, they might be scared of water as they don’t know how to swim. If this is the case, for example, taking your kids for swimming lessons will help them gain confidence in the water, allowing them to feel stronger and more capable.

Start Simple

Even if your child appears enthusiastic about going outdoors, it’s good to ease them into an outdoor lifestyle gradually. Consider doing simple activities such as throwing a frisbee and perhaps a game of catch with a baseball and mitt. Not only does this help them to adjust to the outdoors, but they’ll be focused on specific activities that draw their attention away from nature itself.