How to Help Your Kid Overcome Their Fear of Haircuts

Kids can be stubborn in their refusal to get haircuts. Most of the time, they are just afraid of them, and parents need to help them overcome this fear. Here are some tips that will help you achieve it.

Avoid Calling it a “Haircut”

Kids might feel unease when they hear the term “haircut”. Instead, use something that sounds more positive. For example, you can call it a “hair treatment” or “hair styling”.

Get a Hairstylist to Do It

Giving your kid a haircut by yourself might save you some money, but it isn’t a wise choice when dealing with kids who have a fear of haircuts. Instead, you should get a pro to do it. Ask other parents to recommend a hairstylist who is good with kids and can make them feel comfortable.

Do it in Stages

Kids don’t like to sit still in one place for too long. This is why you should opt to do their haircuts in stages. It will be easier for everyone, and they won’t notice a major change.

Bribe Them

If nothing works, you can always try to bribe them. Promise them some candy or a new toy if they go through with the haircut, and that just might be enough to give them a bit of extra courage.