How to Help Your Kid Learn to Ride a Bike

Learning to ride a bike is one of the most important skills a child will learn, and it sets them up for a lifetime of fun, accessible transport. Here are three ways that you can help them to learn so that you’ll be taking bike rides together in no time.

All About Balance

Learning to ride a bike is about mastering the balance, both physically and mentally. Many children are technically able to stay upright on a bike, but wobble because they don’t believe they can. Practice different balances with your kids, simply by standing on one leg, or hopping from foot to foot. By demonstrating that they can balance, your child’s confidence will grow and they will be more willing to give bike riding a go.

Stand Beside Them

Remind your kid that you’re right there next to them, ready to catch them if they fall. As their confidence grows, most kids won’t actually need you there, but it helps them to feel more secure.

Go With Them

Once your child is feeling ready, go with them on a safe, easy bike path (don’t tackle roads yet). If the worst happens, they will come off their bike with no more than a few grazes, and they can practice key skills like signaling, turning, and braking on the bike path.