Here’s How You Can Make Slow Living Work For Your Family

Slow living is a contemporary lifestyle approach that advocates for slowing down the pace of modern life, in favor of enjoying those precious everyday moments. If you’re a parent of young children, the idea of slowing down may seem impossible, but in fact, kids are often far better than adults are at pausing and enjoying the everyday. Check out these simple tips on how to introduce a little bit of slow living to your lifestyle, even if the rest of the week is lived at a super-fast pace.

Cut Out Distractions

Set aside one day a week—probably one of the weekend days for ease – where nobody in the family has any commitments or places to be. This can help everyone to relax and focus on enjoying the present moment, although it doesn’t mean that you can’t leave the house – why not take a mindful walk together, or sit in your local cafe with some books and toys to keep everyone entertained?

Limit Screen Time

Screens can create the effect of time rushing by. You open your phone to check a friend’s latest post, and suddenly the morning has gone. You can slow down your family time by limiting (or banning) screens. If there are protests, encourage reading, painting, or writing as an alternative activity, instead. Or, why not have some quality family time playing a game together – the kids will soon forget that screens are off-limits once you’re all laughing around a great board game.

Bring Nature In

Slow living is often about pausing and noticing the world around you. Kids are great at this skill. Bring some nature inside by purchasing some cut flowers, or go outside and collect some leaves and interesting plants. Spend some time observing them with your kids, talking about what you can see. This activity will develop your child’s vocabulary and interest in the natural world, and it’s calming and soothing for all family members.