How To Help Your Child Through A Cold

Having a cold or a mild case of the flu is never fun, and kids in particular can struggle with the symptoms and with missing their friends if they need time off school. Here are three simple ways to help your kid through their cold.

Nourish Them

Make sure your kid has access to fresh, tasty and healthy snacks. This could include hummus and vegetable sticks, olives and cheese, fresh fruit and yogurt or a bowl of home-made soup. Eating well will help their body fight off the cold, and they will recover from the illness more quickly.

Read To Them

One of the hardest parts about being ill when you’re a kid is combatting boredom. If they’re laid up in bed, take half an hour out of your day to read a book to them. This can be a relaxing activity to help them drop off to sleep, or simply a great way to spend some time together whilst they’re recovering.

Play A Game

Once your kid is out of bed and on the road to recovery, it can be a good idea to play a game such as chess or a family board game to keep their spirits up. Many kids will miss their friends when they have time out from school, so help them while away the time with a fun game or two.

Most kids hate being ill, not just because they feel rotten but also because they can get bored and miss their friends. Help your kid through a cold by following these simple tips.