How To Have a Social Media-Free Family Vacation

As social media use continues to grow, it has become commonplace for parents to upload photographs of their family vacations and other events. Still, one cannot deny that too much social media could actually have an adverse effect on the family, with parents and children becoming entranced by what’s happening on their screens rather than what’s happening in the real world. Here is how to have a social media-free family vacation.

Make a Family Folder

Instead of uploading photos to social media straight away, create a vacation photo album on your phone where you’ll put photos as soon as you take them. This way, you limit your phone time and focus on having fun with your kids.

Schedule Your Screen Time

Just because you’re trying to appreciate the real world a little more doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be on social media at all. Make a schedule of times you’ll be on your phone that won’t impact the fun you have with your kids. This could be late at night when the kids are asleep or during other nap times.

Be Easy On Yourself

If you do cave in and use social media on occasion, don’t be too hard on yourself. Overcoming habits is difficult. Simply take a breath, accept that you slipped up, and try again. After all, change is a process.