How to Handle Teenage Moodiness

For many people, the teenage years can be a stressful time, with school pressures, friendship issues, and all the angst that growing up brings. This can mean that some teens take out their frustrations on their families, in the form of arguments and shouting matches. If this is something you and your family are struggling with, check out this advice on how to manage the tricky teenage years.


One of the best things you can do is demonstrate that you’re there and willing to listen. Even if your teen doesn’t always want to talk, knowing that you’re there for them will establish trust and means they know they have someone to turn to when things get really tough.

Stay Calm

If your teenager starts screaming at you, try as hard as you can to remain calm and reasonable. If you start shouting back, it legitimizes shouting as a mode of communication and creates a horrible atmosphere for everyone in the household.

Suggest Counselling

If your teen seems to be really struggling, don’t just write it off as typical teenage angst. Suggest that they seek therapy, or book in some family sessions if you think this would be more helpful. Talking with a neutral outsider can help bring in new perspectives, and help to reframe problems your teen may be having.