How to Enjoy Bonfire Night

In the UK, Bonfire Night is one of the biggest nights of the year. There are plenty of public events where fireworks are set off, bonfires are lit and plenty of food and drink is consumed. It’s generally a fun night for all, but there can be safety concerns and it’s a time when some children can get a little overwhelmed. If you’re worried about tears and tantrums, check out these tips on how to keep everyone safe and happy.

Check the Event is Well-Organized

Well-organized events will provide plenty of room for people, a warning of when the fireworks will be set off, and standard safety procedures. Although these events often cost money, it can be worth paying for entry as opposed to cramming into a field where someone inexperienced is setting off the fireworks.

Agree on a Time Limit

Often, children get very excited on Bonfire Night and want to stay out for as long as possible. Agree on a time that you’ll head home before you all set out, so they know there is a limit and they can’t be out all night.

Set Up a Calm Space

Set up a calm room in your home, where children (and pets) can go to calm down before bed. Put on some relaxing music and a gentle film, and make sure there are blankets and throws to cuddle up with. Fireworks can often disturb children and animals and stop them from getting to sleep, so make sure your kids have some time to wind down before bed.