How to Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

Some children need no encouragement to drink water, whereas others will do anything in their power to avoid consuming it. This can be a problem, as not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration and a range of symptoms including headaches, lack of focus, and irritability. If you think your kid could do with some encouragement, check out these tips to help them learn to love H2O.

Buy Them a Water Bottle

For many children, the novelty of owning a reusable water bottle is reason enough to drink more water. Let them choose a design they like, and if it’s going into school make sure it is clearly labelled on the top or bottom. It may be worth buying two so that one can be cleaned while the other is still in action. Decide whether you want your child to have a plastic or metal bottle—plastic bottles are lighter to carry, but more likely to split or leak.

Set an Example

Lead by example and make a point of drinking more water yourself. Whether you leave post-it notes for yourself, set reminders on your phone, or buy a water bottle that tracks your consumption through the day, if your kid knows that you are treating water drinking like a fun challenge, they may be more inclined to join in.

Make Some Compromises

Drinking more water doesn’t mean that juice and pop are out of the picture forever. Perhaps Friday evenings or weekend breakfasts could be the times when your child gets to choose what they drink. Encourage them to try different flavored drinks, such as tropical juices or rose-flavored lemonade. Remind them that drinking water isn’t some sort of punishment, it’s about health and feeling better.