How to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Children are capable of some amazing creative feats and will often use their imagination far more than grownups. Here are some ways you can gently encourage your child’s creativity.

Turn Drawing Into a Game

There are several games such as Pictionary and Spaceman that utilize the potential for drawing to be made into a form of entertainment that kids can enjoy. You can also appeal to your child’s interests and they will be more likely to draw them.

Let Them Choose the Music

Depending on your child’s age, they may be able to express their particular liking or disliking for different types of music. Encouraging your child to express their interest in certain music can be a great way of helping them appreciate the songs they listen to.

Encourage Their Imagination

Kids will often naturally come up with lots of imaginative ideas and can express them through asking lots of questions about the nature of things. Try to encourage this curiosity and imagination by going along with their thoughts or by attempting to answer their questions about the world (if you don’t know you can always look it up together!).