How to Encourage Your Child to Do Their Homework

Getting your child to do their homework can be a bit of an ordeal if they are particularly opposed to it. However, it can also be a good experience for you to encourage them to do something productive and feel a reward at the end of it. It’s certainly a necessary thing for them to learn, so here are three ways to encourage your child to do their homework.

Implement a Reward System

If your child really struggles to get motivated to complete their homework, you may want to implement a reward system. This could be a promise to make their favorite meal once all of their homework is done, or that they can only play video games once their homework is complete. If this isn’t your style as a parent, you could also implement lots of positive reinforcement by praising them consistently when they get bits and celebrating their achievements

Start it With Them

For some kids, getting started with their homework is the most difficult part. If you are able to, you can sit down with them and go through the groundwork of their tasks to get them off to a good start and make them feel more settled. If you are helping them to understand without doing it for them, you will also be enabling them to get better at problem-solving which should help their progress.

Set Up a Manageable Schedule

Breaking down the different parts of your child’s homework into smaller chunks is a great place to start if your child is finding it difficult to know where to begin. This way, you can encourage them to do perhaps an hour or two of homework on only school nights, so that they have their weekends free. This is a good way of instilling in your child an understanding of how to get the reward of their free time from the work they put in.