How to Embrace Wet, Wild Winter Weather

Over the winter season, good intentions to get out and active with the kids can fall by the wayside as the weather puts a stop to any outdoor plans. While it’s absolutely acceptable to spend some days wrapped up in the warm, it will give everyone a mood and energy boost to get outside on a regular basis. Here are some tips on making the most of wild, wet weather, even in the depths of winter.

Get Everyone the Right Kit

If you’re going out into the wind and rain as a family, everyone needs a waterproof coat and decent waterproof shoes. Nothing is worse than trudging around with wet feet all day, so make sure you’re all well-kitted out and prepared. You might also want to consider bringing a hot flask of water so that you can fix up some tea or hot chocolate when everyone starts flagging.

Set an Aim

Rather than simply heading outside, talk about what your goal is as a family. Perhaps you want to reach your 10,000 steps for the day, or if there’s a nearby hill you could agree to climb it. Setting a goal keeps everyone focused, and when the weather gets rough you can keep on, knowing there’s an end in sight.

Don’t Forget the Treats

Whether you fix up some treats when you return home or carry them with you outside, a freshly baked cookie or a chocolate bar can work as wonderful motivation for everyone to get outside. Knowing there’s a reward for your efforts also makes the activity more fun, and if anyone starts flagging you can remind them of what awaits them at the end of the hike, wild swim, or bike ride.