How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry As a Parent

Sibling rivalry is a common occurrence in families with two or more kids. It can represent a challenging task for parents and cause significant issues if handled improperly. Continue reading to learn some tips on how to deal with sibling rivalry as a parent.

Strive for Fairness

Sibling rivalry can often be caused by parents who treat their kids differently. Strive for fairness in all situations, applying the rules and providing privileges equally.

Avoid Making Comparisons

Treat each kid as an individual, appreciating the things they are good at and not focusing on things they don’t do well. Avoid making comparisons between kids or telling them that their sibling is better or worse than them in any regard.

Promote Collaboration

Give the siblings plenty of opportunities to build a healthy relationship. You can do this by engaging them frequently in activities they can do together or tasking them with projects that require collaboration.

Don’t Take Sides in Conflicts

You are bound to witness a fair share of conflicts between your kids. Avoid taking sides and try to understand where each sibling is coming from. Try to find a resolution that both kids will be satisfied with.

Spend Quality Family Time

Spending quality family time will serve you well in managing sibling rivalry. It will provide bonding opportunities and create happy memories that they will associate with each other.