How to Convince Your Baby to Eat Their Food

When it’s time to feed your baby their breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you may discover that they’re not always keen on eating it. If this happens to you while you’re trying to feed them, don’t worry, because it’s as common as ever. Not just that, but there are a handful of different things you can do to encourage your little one to eat their food, and here’s what they are.

The Airplane

Remember that your child is a baby, and that means they can be manipulated in different ways you’re used to (and we mean that in the most loving way possible). One time old classic is doing the “airplane”, where you hold their food above your head and simulate an airplane flying towards their mouth. They may just fall for it!

Sing To Them

Another thing you can do that may entice them to eat their food is to sing to them. This will throw them off for a moment or two and might even cause them to smile and laugh. If you’re lucky, they’ll forget all about their refusal to eat, and they’ll be ready to go before you know it.

Eat Something Yourself

Finally, another option to try is to take some food out and start eating it yourself. When your baby sees that you’re eating too, it may entice them to want to eat with you.